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"When your numbers are right, your conversations are different."
- Founder Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA

You have that sinking feeling you’re missing essential information while you’re trying to help Cannabis clients with cost accounting… or you were confident that you correctly filed tax returns but now your client has been slapped with a fine. The wrong numbers lead to confusion and fear — the right numbers and processes lead to ease and success.

With the NACAT Pros membership, you have instant access to Cannabis experts coming together to help you tap your potential in this soaring industry. 

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Here’s what you can expect from your NACAT Pros membership:

Semimonthly industry expert interviews. Get all your questions from banking to business operations answered by industry leaders

Monthly Cannabis accounting tools and standard operating procedures

Monthly CPEs (for CPA professionals)

Membership to exclusive private Cannabis accounting networking group

Limited access to training modules from our certification program**

Only $99 per month or $999 per year


Grab your 30-day risk free trial then enjoy lifetime access to the founders rate of only $49/month

30 Day Risk Free Trial!

After your 30 day trial period, your card will be auto-billed $49 per month. Cancel anytime.

**Limited certification training modules are included with this membership, but completing the certification requires an additional fee, training, and successfully passing a certification exam.

What qualifications do the NACAT Pros Cannabis accounting experts have?

NACAT Pros are considered experts after they have been certified through our training program and modules. They have a deep understanding of what it takes to serve clients in the rapidly growing, heavily-regulated Cannabis industry. Experts in the field not only understand their clients from the accounting perspective, but also know what it takes to start and maintain a Cannabis business, including insight on licensing and license renewal requirements.

Experts certified through NACAT Pros are masters at recognizing and solving their clients' pain points with cash flow and banking. They understand the limitations that come with the software packages and know which resources to leverage to navigate these limitations. They have studied every aspect of current Cannabis accounting practices to confidently implement industry-specific SOPs. Our pros also have a high-level understanding of the Cannabis plant, including the different strains, multiple verticals, and all the complexities that come with each vertical.  

NACAT Pros get to this level of service by gaining access to the most up-to-date Cannabis guidance and training programs, as well as a network of Cannabis financial and legal professionals to get all their questions answered.

Why should a Cannabis company hire a specialized Cannabis accounting professional?

Cannabis bookkeeping and accounting isn’t simple -- it’s much more complicated than traditional accounting services. Yes, most accountants already know about invoicing and paying bills, account reconciliations, and depreciation of assets… but when you’re dealing with a federally illegal plant that’s grown over a 90- to 180-day period and processed across multiple verticals, all of which require highly specific regulations that span the seed-to-sell process, an accountant needs to understand compliance in every aspect of your business.

The problem is a lack of guidance for Cannabis accounting. Most accountants, no matter how accomplished in other industries, fail to keep their clients compliant because they don’t understand 280E, seed-to-sale tracking software, and allocating costs to COGS under IRC 471. The list goes on. If your accountant fails to understand these critical processes and regulations, you can end up paying thousands in penalties, You may even face getting shut down (or even jail time) if your books are that messy.

A specialized Cannabis accountant has been through intensive education, spearheaded by industry experts, to learn to keep you compliant. Without a trained Cannabis accountant, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself unable to properly support your financial position during an IRS audit, potentially resulting in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, penalties and interest..

What specialized training does an accounting professional need to serve Cannabis companies?

You’re already a rock star accountant in your field, and the Cannabis industry is calling to you. Many of your accounting skills can transfer to the Cannabis industry, such as cost accounting and absorption accounting. The real challenge will be learning all the Cannabis-specific regulations, rules, and tax codes. You’ll need to learn how two allocate costs to Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) through tax code IRC 471 (which is the only way Cannabis companies can reduce their tax liabilities). You’ll need to understand each state’s specific seed-to-sale tracking stipulations and tax documents. Specialized training also includes learning each set of regulations and processes for each vertical (such as processing, cultivation, dispensaries, etc.).

Long story short, to provide exceptional service to Cannabis clients and keep them compliant you need ongoing, extensive training that covers every aspect of accounting in the industry, including the most current regulations. NACAT Pros is a great place to gain this knowledge and build yourself into a trusted, highly effective Cannabis accounting professional.

How long will it take me to start serving Cannabis companies?

This depends on you and your learning style. If you’re a little more bold and like to jump in feet first, you have the option of serving Cannabis clients immediately and learning as you go. If you like to feel more calculated and prepared, you can attend a few of the expert webinars to build your confidence and upgrade your membership for higher training to complete a few of the certification modules. Then, when you feel ready, you can start reaching out to and working with clients