National Association of Cannabis Accounting and Tax Professionals

A tax, accounting, and compliance alliance of experts.


Have You Seen Us in the News?

NACAT and its founder have been featured in articles in the Wall Street journal, Marijuana Business Daily, and many others, discussing the responsibility and compliant cannabis business in today’s booming industry.
Being a leader in this highly federally restrictive and state policies  impediments, shows the determination and legality of effective grassroots action with implementing the regulatory policy. 

NACAT Mission

A lack of guidance in the Cannabis industry may prevent some accountants from ever entering the space — and can lead others astray, often costing their clients thousands of dollars in late fees, overpayments, and missed receipts associated with poor, disorganized accounting.

NACAT exists to standardize bookkeeping, accounting, and tax support for Cannabis businesses.
We take the “scary” out of the industry for accountants and financial service providers, and offer a straightforward, accurate system to keep Cannabis companies compliant. 

Serving Cannabis Accounting and
Business Professionals

Our network exists to lend guidance, support, and encouragement as you work towards maintaining compliance and audit-ready records in any Cannabis company. 

With our NACAT Pros Association membership, you’ll gain invaluable educational tools and SOPs, CPE credits, and more to help you offer expert-level accounting services to companies who need a knowledgeable professional at the helm.


State / Federal







Licensing / Startup

NACAT Pros Association Membership

Our NACAT Pros Association membership gives you access to bi-monthly webinars with Cannabis experts, as well as monthly accounting and tax training and materials to help you stay engaged in current Cannabis practices and provide exceptional services to existing and future clients.

The membership is $99 per month or a one-time $999 payment for the whole year (that’s 2 months free with your annual subscription).

If you’re one of the first 100 people to sign up, you will become part of the Founders’ Group. Founder’s Group members only pay $49 per month and are grandfathered in at this rate.

Everyone who signs up gets the first 30 days free to try the membership out and make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Expert Speaker Events

Beyond just explaining day-to-day accounting processes and regulations, these experts dig in deep, supplying the latest industry insights to give you a leg-up on the competition. You’ll be able to take away information from these webinars and instantly apply it to offer high-level value and compliance services to your clients.

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